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2019 Goals

2019 Goals

Hi there! So I just wanted to start this blog post off by saying I don’t do “resolutions”, but instead I set goals for myself. The definition of resolution is the firm decision to do something or not do something (from google) and I feel like that doesn’t describe how I feel about my goals. I am excited about them & want to pursue them with everything in me.

As I look back on the past year, a lot changed for me & I learned a lot about myself as well. I left Sunglass Hut in March for a dream job with Dita Eyewear. I went to Hawaii & Canada. I turned 25. I announced I would be starting my own company SUMMER BUNS and I grew so much personally. I could not have been happier with how the year ended and I want to push myself to be bigger & better in 2019.

I’ve created goals in different categories and I want to write them down 1. to hold myself accountable and 2. to share them with you. I love reading other people’s goals and I find it very motivating. Hope you enjoy & I’d love to hear some of your goals too!

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Educational Goals

-Read one book a month

-listen to podcasts daily

-watch motivational youtube videos


Health & Wellness

-Drink more water (stay hydrated & reduce migraines)

-3-Day fast once a month

-Run a 6 minute mile (this will be by far the hardest goal on this list)


Blogger Goals

Grow my IG account to 30k by the end of 2019

-Focus on pitching & getting paid collaborations with brands

-Post 1 blog post per week

-Start a YouTube channel

-Continue to grow my network


Financial Goals

-Financial Independence

-Pay down debt (those student loans are a struggle)

-Grow my brand (Summer Buns)

2019 is going to be an amazing year and I am so excited to share my journey and experiences with you here! LET’S DO THIS!



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