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Blogging Tips: why you need a media kit

Blogging Tips: why you need a media kit

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a social media resume. Think about when you apply for a job and you bring your resume with you. This resume lets the employer know your experience, what your skills are, and anything else you want them to know. It’s a quick snapshot for them to reference back to. A media kit is the same thing for brands you want to work with.

Why do you need a media kit?

A media kit is a great way for a brand to see what you’re all about. You can be creative with them so it is also an opportunity to set you apart. In my opinion, I think everyone should have a media kit. A lot of times, brands have asked for them and I love sending it. It shows they want to get to know me a little more to see if I’m a good fit for their campaign.

What should you include on a media kit?

So from my mentor & what other bigger bloggers have said: DO NOT include your rates. That is for a different part of the discussion when communicating with brands. It also limits yourself. For example, if you say your rate is $200 for one Instagram post and the brand was willing to pay $500, you just lost out on $300. Instead, when that comes up in conversation, you can ask the brand “do you have a social media budget for the quarter?” and you will be able to send them a range.

Things to include: (this is my personal opinion, you can put whatever you think best fits your brand)

-Your brand logo

-About yourself

-Insights (Followers, Engagement Rate, Impressions, Reach, demographics (women vs men, age ranges), top locations

-Previous collaborations

-Other insights: Blog, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc

-A few photos of you

Additional items:

-Photo page displaying your best work (photos with the most engagement & ones you’re the most proud of)

Media Kit vs. Rate Sheet

Some people have rate sheets with their media kit. Personally, I do not. I think each brand and collaboration is dealt with separately and rates vary. As I said before, sending a rate sheet can potentially limit yourself and turn brands away before you even get to have the conversation about it. It is totally fine to have a rate sheet, it is your personal choice!

How to make a media kit?

There are plenty of sites if you google “media kit” BUT I just launched my own website that generates a customizable media kit for you. It includes everything I mention above. The difference between my website and canva/etsy/templates online is that it will automatically pull in your IG insights for you and you don’t have to manually update them every time you want to send it to a brand. It also works on your mobile device and it has an easy way to create a photo page from your most recent IG photos as well. It’s a quick process and that’s what’s important!


Quick story: When I went to create my first media kit, I STRUGGLED…. hard. I am not a designer and was not good at it and it took me 4 hours and I shed a few tears over the frustrations I had. I googled to find a media kit & didn’t love anything, nor did I see anything that would generate my insights for me. This is when the idea sparked and how My Collab Kit was created.

Here is a video on how to use My Collab Kit:

Let me know if you have any other questions about media kits in the comments below!



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