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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

Hey guys! The Sephora sale is here and I wanted to share with you what I use, what’s on my wishlist & just make up in general that I love and have! Enjoy & happy shopping :)


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-code: HEYROUGE for 20% off

-Until May 6th, 2019

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-May 2nd - May 6th

Beauty Insider Members:

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-May 2nd - May 6th

I am not a make up or skin care guru (at least not yet!), so these are simply just products that I love and use almost daily and products that I recommend! To shop, just click the item you like and you’ll be directed straight to the Sephora website and you can add to cart from there!

Side note: I just learned this like a month ago so I thought I’d share for anyone else who was/is clueless like me. Sephora does give out samples so if you’re not sure about a product, you can take home samples and try it out. I did this with the Dior foundation and this is what honestly convinced me to buy it because I ran out of my sample and was sad. So take advantage and try products using their samples! And then also you aren’t wasting a product if you buy full size and then take it back because you don’t like it.

These are the products that I use almost daily for my normal daily make up routine. I think they are all really good go-to products and they all have amazing reviews.

Tarte primer - I love how it feels on my skin when I apply it. It’s not too thick which keeps my make up routine light

Christian Dior Foundation- This is my FAVORITE foundation I’ve ever tried. It works really well on my skin and it’s also on the lighter side

Nars concealer- I use this under my eyes and love how much it covers. I’m also a fan of tarte shape tape - but that’s an ulta exclusive

Benefit brow pen- I love this brow liner because it has a brush on one side and the product on the other. It’s really easy & effortless to outline my brow

Dior highlight- I don’t own this YET (It’s on my wishlist), but I tried it at the Sephora store and I’m completely obsessed.

Lawless eyeshadow- I love this palette & I love Annie Lawless. She’s such a boss babe and I love to support that. Plus, all the colors are perfect!

Anastasia bronzer- I love this classic bronzer. I like neutral warm looks so this finishes everything perfectly.

Nars blush- Nars orgasm blush is hands down my favorite blush. I love the color and I love how it matches a lot of skin tones.

Lilly lashes- My ride or die. I am always wearing these. They are by far my favorite mink lashes to wear!

Urban Decay setting spray- A must have in your make up routine - makes your look last all day long!

MY WISH LIST aka all the products I’m buying on this sale and I’m pumped!

Huda Beauty - I saw this palette in person and I am in LOVE (I have a problem buying palettes but I can’t help myself).

Slip - I am a huge fan of silk and know it’s so good to sleep on so I am ready to own my first silk pillow case (am I adulting now?)

Dior- Saw this highlighter, like this highlighter, want this highlighter, BUYING this highlighter!

Isle of paradise - A lot of people are talking about this product so I am curious to try it for myself! I am such a follower and easily influenced when it comes to beauty products because I don’t know a lot myself so I like to try everything (yes, it gets expensive).

Beauty tools I use on the reg… So yes you can see here, no expert, but I use these and they work for me so that’s why I want to share!

Beauty Blender - If you don’t have one, you need one immediately. Also, I didn’t know this for the longest time, but add water. It blends everything so well. I use it to apply my foundation, concealer, contour on my nose etc. You can use it for everything and they are super easy to clean.

Jade roller - I am not 100% sold on this being necessary, BUT I think it’s really fun to roll on my face and it feels good so I go with it.

Sephora Brush #59 - I used this to apply my powder foundation when I don’t feel like wearing my liquid foundation and it gives really good coverage.

Tweezerman - WORTH THE INVESTMENT - I use this for my brows (obviously), but I also use it to apply my lashes every day. So it gets it full use!

Again, I will say, I am not a skin care guru - So I am just sharing products that I’ve tried and loved. Nothing fancy over here!

Murad - I got this in a fabfitfun box once, and haven’t stopped using it since (great job on their marketing team).

Summer Fridays - Yes this product has a hype around it but I actually love it & I use it when my skin feels extra dry. My favorite part is that you don’t have to wash it off until the morning (sometimes I get lazy at night and want to do the least amount possible when getting ready for bed)

Tarte - I also got this product in a fabfitfun box and love it so I will be purchasing it again! My skin gets dry when the weather changes so it’s a good extra boost to help moisturize my skin

Clinique - Every since I had acne in high school, I used the clinique 3 step method. ProActive never worked for me so I’ve stuck with this ever since.

Herbivore - I love clean beauty (using it as much as possible) and I love spraying my face with mists throughout the day! I go through this stuff like crazy!

OK… I get a lot of questions on how I do my hair, curl my hair, get my beach wave look. THESE ARE MY GO TO PRODUCTS.

Ouai - I live by these products. They are my absolute favorite

Memory mist - Seriously the best thing for my hair. I have long hair so it’s hard to hold a curl if it’s clean. I use this mist and my curls stay in SO WELL.

Texture spray - I use this after I curl and it adds texture and hold so my flat hair is now full of volume and curls.

Shimmer spray - Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? You can use this on your hair and body so it’s a win win.

Bumble and bumble - If you want a different brand suggestion that ouai, this surf spray is a good go to for getting that messy beach wave look on a day you don’t have time to do you hair

T3 Hair tools - I have been using these products for a while now and they are the best. My hair reacts so well to them and they always give me the look I want. I 100% recommend T3 products!

These are my tried and true frangrances that I’ve used for years now.

Gucci Guilty - This is a sexier, stronger fragrance. I wear this one on special occasions!

Gucci Bloom - this is a lighter, more fun scent. This is my current scent that I wear every day.

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle - this is my forever scent. I’ve recently taken a break from it but I still love it just as much! You can never go wrong with Chanel.

Viktor&Rolf Flower bomb - This was probably the first scent I ever fell in love with. I don’t wear it anymore but this is a classic.

I am picky when it comes to foundation because my skin, for whatever reason, decides to break out if it doesn’t like what I’m putting on my face. So, with that being said, these are the three foundations that I have found that work for me:

In general, I like matte foundations because I don’t want my skin to look extra shiny & sometimes when It’s oily things just get bad.

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation - This was the first liquid foundation I liked. It’s good coverage. Lasts all day and blends really well. Also, like I said, it’s not too shiny and makes my skin look and feel really good

Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 - I love this foundation first and foremost because it has SPF in it. I always prioritize wearing sunscreen to protect my skin. This foundation also gives could coverage, but because it’s powder, it’s a lot lighter when putting on. This is what I wear on my casual days.

Dior Forever 24h* Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Matte Foundation - This foundation has mixed reviews, but has honestly worked so well for me. Again, it’s matte, which is what I prefer. It goes on very smooth and feels really good on my skin. This is what I wear for event / shoot days.

Honestly, I just love kits. And I love things mini size so these are just a win win in my book. I love these options because you get to try products you wouldn’t typically buy either. Last year, I got the skincare kit & the hair spray kit and I found so many brands I loved (and didn’t love) because I was able to try so many things out. So if you never know which product is best for you, try to see if there is a kit available that way you can try all different options! And mini size anything is so much easier to travel with / carry around too so that’s another plus!

Thanks so much for reading if you got this far! This blog post probably has taken the most amount of time to write, but I really want to be able to help you guys find brands and products you love.

*These products are linked through affiliate links. This just means that I make a tiny commission from it if you decide to purchase and it doesn’t cost anything extra for you. It helps me run my little side business and allows me to help you guys. I always want to be transparent about this and if you guys ever do buy from my links please tag me so I can see what you got! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT ALWAYS. It never goes unnoticed. Happy shopping!



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