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Tutorial: How to get beach wave curls

Tutorial: How to get beach wave curls

Hey guys,

I get so many questions about how I curl my hair & what products I use to get it to stay. Here is my YouTube tutorial I created to show step - by - step on how to achieve this look. Enjoy!

Products I use:

  1. Ouai Finishing Creme - I put this on my wet hair as a heat protectant before I blow dry & curl

  2. Ouai Memory Mist - I have long hair so this helps the curl hold better, especially with clean hair

  3. Ouai Texture Spray - I spray this after I finish curling to add more texture & hold the curls

  4. T3 Cura Luxe - What I use to blow dry my hair

  5. T3 Whirl Trio - What I use to curl my hair

The step by step process

Step 1: Add the Ouai finishing creme to your hair. I start at the tips and go towards my roots (most people probably do the opposite but I don’t want a lot of product at my roots because my hair gets oily).

Step 2: Blow dry hair - Using my T3 Cura Luxe, I blow dry my hair. I make sure to get the roots & I flip my head over to help add volume as well (girl needs as much volume as she can get).

Step 3: Spray Ouai Memory Mist - Because my hair is so long, Ouai memory mist helps hold my hair and helps keep the curl in. I spray it all over my head and then brush it out

Step 4: Curl Hair - Using my T3 Whirl trio (in this video I’m using the 1in barrel), I part my hair in the middle. Then I pick a side to start and I start curling from the back. I pick random pieces of hair to give it a messier look. I wrap the curl away from my face on both sides. Once I complete one side, I do the same thing to the other side

Step 5: Once the heat from the curl cools down, I run my fingers through my hair to separate the curls. I do this for my entire head.

Step 6: Once this is done, I use the Ouai texture spay to add some texture & hold to my curl.

Step 7: Last step, I brush the top of my head, flip my head over and scrunch the curls & then I’m done!

This whole process usually takes me 10-15 mins each time so it’s not super time consuming and you get easy & fast results!

I hope this helped & stay tuned for more hair tutorials coming soon!



*Disclaimer: T3 Products & Ouai hair care products were gifted. I was NOT paid to create this blog post or tutorial video. All opinions are my own. I do make a small commission off the links but you are not charged anything extra.

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