My Collab Kit

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Why I Created This…


As a content creator, it’s important that we have a “social media resume” or a media kit to send to brands to showcase our work and experience. When I was ready to create my media kit, I thought it would take me 30 mins tops. I was wrong… I thought I was pretty experienced with computers, but when it comes to design, I am not. I wish I was better and I am definitely adding that to my list of things to learn, but I just needed a quick and aesthetically pleasing media kit.

This is how the idea came to be. I cannot be the only content creator who struggles with this and didn’t want to spend the hours creating it. My boyfriend is a software developer, so we came up with a plan on how to create a tool that would make creatives and content creators live’s easier. I googled to see what the competition was and didn’t find much. Nothing that was created by an influencer for influencers.

My Collab Kit is different than Etsy, Canva, and all the other sites because it allows you to create a kit, generate your Instagram insights, download as a PDF and send directly to brands. The biggest selling point of this project is that you can update your IG insights instantly. Before this resource was created, I had to manually change my numbers every time I was sending this out to a brand, which gets annoying. Hopefully, this resource is a helpful tool for you in your creative journey as well. Thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions to make this better!