My Collab Kit

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Why I created this…


As a content creator, it is important to have a “social media resume” or a media kit. When I first went to create one from scratch, I struggled. I am pretty good with a computer, but I guess not as good as I thought because it took me a couple hours to create this when I thought it would take 30mins tops.

I wanted to be able to customize the media kit how I wanted, add photos, colors, fonts etc. Once I finally got this down, I had to put in my Instagram insights. This is when I realized that every time I wanted to send a brand my media kit, I was going to have to update my insights manually. Although this isn’t a hard task, it’s annoying. So I googled to see what could generate a media kit for me - and nothing good came up. There are a few sites that do something similar, but not how I had envisioned it. This is how the idea began.

My boyfriend is a software developer, so we came up with a plan of a website we could build. We saw there was a need as I am not the only content creator who needs a media kit. With this need, we tailored a website to do what I wanted it to and I hope other creatives & influencers can use this as a tool to make their lives easier.

Please feel free to check it out and send me any feedback or suggestions you might have. I want this to be a user friendly platform that helps creatives save time so we can focus on other important aspects of our careers. Thank you for taking your time to check it out and I truly appreciate all the support!